Brand Spotlight: Jaipur Living

Brand Spotlight: Jaipur Living

Apollo Emporium is proud to source all of our rugs and blankets from Jaipur Living. Jaipur Living is a rug brand that focuses specifically on the quality of handcrafted rugs made by talented artisans in India. Not only are they a great employer to many, but their unique and well-crafted rugs can tie into your other decor with their colors and patterns or stand out with its design and story.

Industrialization has impacted the ancient art of rug weaving. Once thriving, it now faces extinction. We believe sustainable communities are the key to the survival of rug weaving. Through doorstep entrepreneurship and fair wages, the Jaipur System has ensured consistent income and a sustainable livelihood for the communities involved. The results have been wonderful - today, the number of artisans is on the rise.

The Jaipur System removes the middleman by employing a network of 40,000 artisans in more than 700 villages in India, ensuring quality and consistency. We connect with our artisan partners through a common thread of love and compassion. They’re provided a livable and reliable wage, along with opportunities for personal growth and development.

Of these artisans, 85% are women. Weaving has helped them gain financial independence and thus, liberated them from the shackles of the society. Many of our women weavers have become grassroots leaders and award-winning designers.

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