Collection: Lofi Potter

Daniel's Journey into Pottery and Music

What began as a therapeutic release for Daniel has blossomed into a true passion. In June 2022, during a visit to his wonderful aunts in Tucson, Arizona, Daniel was introduced to pottery by his incredibly talented Aunt Laura. She gave him his first lessons on the wheel, and he was immediately hooked. Upon returning home, Daniel built his own backyard pottery studio and dedicated hours each day to honing his craft.

In addition to his pottery, Daniel composes Lo-Fi music designed to complement his handmade wares. He envisions an immersive experience for his audience, encouraging them to pour a cup of coffee into a Lo-Fi Potter mug while enjoying the soothing sounds of his music. Each of his TikTok and Instagram videos features original Lo-Fi tracks he has composed, ranging from complete pieces to simple musical thoughts.

Daniel invites everyone to explore Lo-Fi Potter on all streaming platforms, where they can enjoy the music that accompanies his unique pottery creations.